What some of our Patients have said:-

"I've never had such a thorough examination or had things explained to me like this before. I've learned a lot!" I. St. Clair (18/08/2015)


"Denise got me a referral for an Ultrasound to have a lump in my leg looked at that had been there a while and was worrying me. Thankfully it was benign. My mind is now at ease." (I. Brown Aug 2105)

"Denise has, not once but twice, on two separate occasions, suspected that I had Deep Vein Thrombosis (when I thought it was muscle strain) and insisted that I go straight to A&E and have it checked out. On both occasions her suspicions were correct and I did have DVT both times in different legs in different places. I am now on Warfarin for life but I credit Denise with saving my life - TWICE!"  (M.G Brown July 2013) 

"I used the Hospital Chaperone service when I was worried about some investigations I had to have. Denise was able to accompany me to the consultants appointments and get the appointments changed for me so that I could have two procedures done on the same day rather than have to come back again. Denise also helped me with my medications and worked out a daily schedule for me as it was all very confusing with so many new drugs to take! I was very pleased to have her help." (I. Delap Nov 2014)

"I was treated for pain in my low back and hip and Denise did some stretching to the hip that nobody else had done before. I could feel a difference immediately! She also showed me how to do some exercises at home to help stop the problem coming back. (D. Lake June 2012)

"I was very happy with Denise's Hospital Chaperone Service that I have used on three occasions when I needed a second opinion about some treatment I was being offered for a Rotator Cuff injury. She was able to ask all the right questions to my Physiotherapists and even suggested that she film me performing the exercises that the Physio instructed me to do while he watched so that I could have them on my phone! On another occasion Denise accompanied me to my Orthopaedic surgeon appointment and even got him to re-examine me to assess my condition again and to rethink whether I needed the surgery or whether physical therapy might be sufficient. As I really didn't want the surgery I was happy that he agreed it could wait to see how I got on with the exercises when originally he thought that surgery was the only way. (A. Kelly June 2015)

Re: our Complementary Therapies:

"What a wonderful Clinic in Ruislip - the room is amazing - so much space and light!" (O. Williame Oct 2015)

"Really lovely professional service from someone incredibly well qualified and educated which I don't feel you always get in a high street salon.  A very personalised, professional service that I would definitely recommend" (J. Turnbull Jan 2016)