Healthy Home & Workplace

Ergonomics and Work Station Assessments

The term 'ergonomics' is defined as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely —(also called biotechnology, human engineering, human factors).

We offer a "Work Station Assessment' using the principles of ergonomics to identify issues with your working environment that may be causing you problems.  Ensuring good postural alignment at your work desk/environment means that repetitive tasks are done efficiently and do not cause strain, thereby contributing to your symptoms. This could be your home office or other place of work and also includes hobby/leisure activities etc. We will take photos of you (with your permission and using your phone/camera if desired) in your varying positions/tasks and discuss how certain positions/movements may be contributing to your problem. 

 We can also advise on suitable ergonomically designed chairs and desks which can be specially built to suit your particular problem or condition. Prices start at £275 for a custom made (to your individual measurements and weight), adjustable chair.

Are You Getting a Good Nights' Sleep?

To get the recommended 8 hours sleep per night largely depends on the quality of your mattress and whether it is suitable for your individual body's requirements.  We will discuss with you the benefits and risks of a quality mattress vs an inferior quality  mattress and can steer you towards some manufacturers and bed types that would be suitable for your individual requirements.  We have close connections with a number of bed & mattress suppliers and can accompany you on a buying trip to discuss your requirements with the sales staff if  necessary.*

* Call out charge applies