Customised Orthotics

We can fit customised Orthotics to a variety of footwear types:

Sports shoes/trainers and business/dress shoes. Our Orthotics are Custom Medical Orthotics which are compatible with both biomechanics and neuromotor aspects of lower extremity function.

Our Orthotics will:

  • Improve Gait
  • Enhance proprioception
  • Improve stability & balance
  • Optimise plantar pressure
  • Activate stabilising muscles
  • Reduce tissue stress
  • Treat & prevent injuries
Prices Start at £150 for Assessment, Fitting of a single pair of Orthotics and one Follow up Consultation/Adjustment.  Multi purchase prices apply for a variety of footwear types.

Functional Assessment

The function of the Patients lower limb is assessed using 6 tests.

Treatment Method

The Orthotics are adjusted and heat moulded into your footwear on the same day based on the outcome of the 6 tests.