What is Naturopathy? 

Naturopathy (also known as Naturopathic Medicine) is a healthcare system based on three important elements known as the 'Triad of Health'. This takes into account  the three aspects of a person's health status which Naturopaths view as equally important and interrelated. These three aspects are:-




What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a person who applies treatment modalities based on the principles of Naturopathic Medicine.  Naturopaths who are registered with the General Council of Registered Naturopaths (GCRN) will have undergone rigorous training to Degree or Masters level in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Naturopathic Principles and Clinical Practice at institutions such as the British College of Osteopathic Medicine  (BCOM), formerly the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (BCNO).

Naturopathy is an approach to health care which aims to promote, restore and maintain health. The following principles underpin the practise of Naturopathy:

  • The Healing Power of Nature or 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae': There is a 'Vital Force' or 'Life Force' which drives the self-healing or self-correcting mechanisms of the body

  • The Triad of Health, which describes the connection and interaction between the structural, biochemical and mental/emotional components of all living beings. Dysfunction or imbalance in one area invariably leads to disruption elsewhere. 

  • The Uniqueness of the Individual: People are genetically, bio-chemically, structurally and emotionally different from one another. Each person responds in a unique way to influences whether they are mental/emotional, structural, nutritional, social or cultural.

What is Naturopathic Nutrition?