Postural Assessment

A postural assessment is part of a standard Osteopathic 'Initial Consultation'. Here at Beyond Bodywork we will discuss our findings with you and how your posture may have developed in the way that it has (your job, lifestyle, actives, sports etc) and how it may be contributing to your areas of pain and causing some patterns of dysfunction.

A classic examples of this are 'Upper Crossed syndrome' and 'Lower crossed syndrome'. This is where xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Other examples of 'faulty' posture alignment are:

Spinal - Kyphotic/Lordotic, Flat Back, Sway Back

Upper Body - Winged/Abducted/Adducted/Elevated/Depressed Scapula 

Lower Body - Hyperextended Knees, Genuvalgus (Knock Knees), Genuvarus (Bowlegs), Foot Overpronation/Supination.